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The key to a breathtaking engagement session is planning. Coordinate your outfits, your location and any extra little details. Adding a touch like a flower crown or a handful of balloons, depending on your taste, can contribuite so much to an image. Meet with us and discuss your vision and together we can create art that embodies your relationship. We love when couples suggest having their photos taken in a spot that is sentimental to them, as it makes everyone more relaxed and allows us to focus on each other throughout the shoot. If you need suggestions we are here to help. We’ll find words to describe your style: earthy, hipster, urban, fairytale, romantic, chic, classic or sentimental and plan the shoot accordingly.

What describes your vision? Think about it! An e-session will include 2 hours of photography time with Us and up to 2 outfit changes. This is the best for you and us to get to know each other. As with your wedding, your engagement only happen once! So, let’s make the best of them and get some high quality images that you can enjoy for the rest of your life!



e-session - Francine & Lionel Photography - www.francineandlionelblog.com


We’ve put together an inspirational board to help show some items that work well in photos here:



You will notice that a lot of the color and pattern combinations that work well never take away from the subject.

A couple of simple rules for picking the perfect attire:

  • Soft, flowing fabrics are always a win for the gals. They create a beautiful images and are typically really comfortable. We really suggest against tight fitting clothing.
  • Mix it up! If you are wearing a dress for part of the session, wear something a bit more casual for the second half. This will give you a great combination of images, as well as allow you to be a bit more comfortable for some pictures.
  • If he’s going to wear a pattern, go simple and add in touches of color with your jewelry.  Note: NEVER have both wearing patterns.
  • Horizontal stripes have a tendency to be unflattering as they give an illusion of width. If you love stripes, we suggest a pin stripe polo for guy, or incorporating in into accessories.

During the session, plan on only carrying the bare minimum – if you can, leave purses, bags cellphones, etc. in your car.


e-session - Francine & Lionel Photography - www.francineandlionelblog.com



e-session - Francine & Lionel Photography - www.francineandlionelblog.com

Skin, The Canvas: Before you apply makeup, start with smooth, toned and moisturized skin. If necessary, give yourself a facial or scrub treatment. This minimizes uneven or artificial-looking makeup application and promotes a healthy, glowing look.

Minimize Shadows: As photos are two-dimensional, the camera ages the subject by enhancing dark, fine lines, and wrinkles. To compensate, gently apply a lighter shade of concealer makeup to darker areas: around the eyes, crevices, and expression lines. Next, using an upward stroke, apply a light layer of foundation makeup over the face including lips. Blend makeup at the edges. Except for corrective work, use foundation makeup colors closely matching the natural skin color.

Bronze or Blush: Various makeup effects can be achieved with blush. Bronzer makeup powder is widely successful and produces a natural or lightly sculpted look, depending on its application.

To apply powder blush: blow off excess from the brush and apply gently to cheekbones and above the outer corners of eyes to the temple. For a makeup application guide, make a wide peace sign with a hand. Rotate 90 degrees towards your nose. Palms out, place the point of the “V” at your hairline and align with the corner of your eye and the bottom finger resting on the cheekbone. Focus color at or one finger below this area on the cheek, and at or above this area around the eyes. Apply a second thin layer on checks and blend lightly at edges as needed.

**Additional makeup tip: Bronzer makeup can also be applied to the sides of the nose to minimize width. And, a darker shade of blush applied under the cheekbones produces more definition.

Eyes and Lines: Unless you like the look or have the eyes for it, avoid harsh lines or the raccoon look, it makes the eyes look smaller and deeper set. Try a smoky colored eyeliner pencil, and smudge a bit if necessary. With liquid eyeliner, an option is to dot the eyeliner next to the eyelash base rather than create a solid line. For a different look, limit liquid eyeliner application to the top eyelid and/or the outer corners of the eyes. Smoky eye shadow applied above the eyelids and blended with the outer corners of the eyes also creates a desirable effect; a highlighted brow area enhances this effect.

**Additional makeup tip: To soften lines, lightly wipe the lid and brow area once or twice with a powder makeup brush dipped in light pink blush.

Lips: Most lips benefit from definition, even when lipstick is not generally used. For a natural but polished look, try a shade or two darker than your lip color, apply lip pencil, smudged lips a bit and use a little gloss or lipstick.

**Additional makeup tip: Apply a lighter lip color or gloss only to the center of lips to enhance a pouty look.

Powder: When Not to Shine – Apply a light dusting of translucent powder over your face to avoid shine and set makeup. Concentrate on the T-zone as necessary, and apply sparingly to lined or dry areas.

Eyebrows: Before applying makeup ensure that the eyebrows are properly shaped as they affect facial expression. For a guide, align a pencil vertically along the edge of nostril and inner corner of the eye. Do the same for the outer corner of the eye. This makes a good start and endpoint for the eyebrow. If the eyebrow arch needs help, align the pencil with the edge of the nostril and the outer edge of the iris to determine the highest point of the arch. Tweeze stray brows outside these areas and use an eyebrow pencil for even more definition. However, it is best to avoid significant tweezing just prior to applying makeup.

Red Eyes: To brighten the whites of the eyes and minimize redness line the inner lower eyelid with a light blue eye pencil.